"Some only dream of Angels, we held one in our arms."

Car and Driver Magazine performed an experiment to document just how dangerous texting and driving can be, in comparison with the widely known risky activity of drunk driving. During the experiment, cars were rigged with a red light to alert drivers when to brake. The magazine tested how long it would take to hit the brakes when sober, when legally impaired at a BAC level of .08, when reading an e-mail and when sending a text. Sober, focused drivers took an average of 0.54 seconds to brake. For legally drunk drivers four feet needed to be added. An additional 36 feet was necessary for reading an e-mail, and a whopping added 70 feet was needed for sending a text. With texting and driving having become a far greater danger than drunk driving, it is imperative to bring awareness to this unnecessary risk. 

If we can change one persons mind about distracted driving, then everything we are doing and continue to do will be worth it. Unfortunately we cannot change the minds of everyone, but maybe hearing Drakes story will make others think for a second about what is more important- driving safely and using a hands free/bluetooth device if you must. 

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